dhargrove2 Pastor Dave was born on the south side of Chicago on April 23, 1948 . Pastor Dave is the seventh child in a family of eleven. Along with his 7 sisters and 3 brothers, he was raised by his mother (abandoned by father) and grandmother, both of whom served God in a Methodist church in Chicago . His grandfather was a Baptist preacher and preached at the church he started well into his 80’s. His uncle was a Methodist priest. The family was poor but very close and learned to pray at a very early age. Pastor Dave credits his grandmother’s prayers for his coming to know the Lord.

While in high school, Dave spent his teenage years working odd jobs to help his mother provide for the family’s needs. At seventeen, he enlisted in the Army and remained in the military until he retired in 1988. In 1980, Pastor Dave not only married his wife, Mary Jane, but also accepted the Lord as his Savior, both commitments he has continued to uphold.

Dave did his formal ministerial studies at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and has served as board chairman of World Outreach Vision Ministries, which is now based in Ghana (a ministry to reach Muslims for Christ). He has served as youth pastor, Men’s ministry director, Royal Ranger’s leader, deacon and associate pastor.

Pastor Dave is also a successful businessman and is the co-owner of AD Valorem Realty, Inc. and AVR Builders. He is a licensed real estate professional, a California Notary Public, a certified tax preparer and holds a series 6 license for writing mutual funds and insurance investments.

In 1999, Pastor Dave was ordained and sent out by the Assemblies of God where he served most of his Christian life, and co-founded Ablaze for Jesus Christian Fellowship alongside Pastor Ed Chan.

Pastor Dave’s joy is found in serving God through serving Gods people. His motto is to be a light and lift of the name of Jesus at every opportunity.

Besides Jesus, who are the influential / inspiring people in your life?
Grandmother Vida Williams, Martin Luther King Jr., Reverend Billy Graham, and Barnabas of the New Testament Apostles

What words of wisdom would you like to pass down to your children/grandchildren?
Seek first the Kingdom of God, and everything else will work out fine.

What are your pet peeves?
Idleness, procrastination, gossip


Food: Spaghetti
Sports: Basketball, and the Chargers
Books: The Difference Maker by John Maxwell & The Gift of Forgiveness by Charles Stanley
Movies/TV: Fireproof, Deal or No Deal
Hobbies: Basketball, golf
Music: Most all music with a postive message
Places: Germany
Scriptures: Ephesians 3:20-21, Hebrews 11:6, Philippians 4:47, Philippians 4:13


revangelista2 Rizaldo “Riz” Evangelista was born on July 20, 1965 in Cavite City, Philippines and raised in National City, CA. Riz is a graduate of Biblical Studies and a graduate of Mueller College of Holistic Studies, and is a certified holistic health practitioner. Pastor Riz is married to Christine Evangelista and they have three sons, Wesley, Caleb and Stephen. He has been an integral part of Ablaze for Jesus church since 2007, and has been in the ministry since 1993.

Besides Jesus, who are the influential / inspiring people in your life?
Reverend William M. Branham

What words of wisdom would you like to pass down to your children/grandchildren?
Always look to the Lord Jesus Christ, always be active in church, commit your life to the Lord, love the Lord with all your heart & love one another.

What are your pet peeves?
People who are capable of helping during an emergency, but refuse to offer help.


Food: Steamed fish, BBQ Chicken, salad
Sports: Football, and the Chargers
Books: Holy Bible, Missed Fortune by Douglas Andrew
Hobbies: Art, drawing, & painting
Music: Gospel
Places: Home, church, & Disneyland
Scriptures: Luke 17:30, Malachi 4:5, Revelation 10:7


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